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  • Sun Jul 18 2021 | John Taylor

    Director of Operations Matt Williams was raised in rural Missouri, and had the childhood to go along with it: driving the family truck around at the age of 14, spending entire summers on the lake in his backyard, and eventually, helping out with the family business. The line between "life" and...

  • Sat Jul 17 2021 | matt
  • Thu Jul 15 2021 | John Taylor

    Within moments of interacting with KC Badger, you realize he’s the sort of person who forges his own path, and always has. He’s direct, honest, and real the way you might expect someone who’s made a profession out of counterculture would be. And he’s one heck of an angler, fine artist, agency...

  • Thu Jul 15 2021 | Andrea Canavan

    Our feet are already designed to do everything we need them to do, without the need to “correct” any foot problems. In reality, traditional footwear is actually causing a lot of the problems we see in our feet!


  • Thu Jul 15 2021 | Jon Cariveau

    Moots bikes and paint go way back….waaay back to the era of 1981-1991 when we built out of steel and paint was needed to keep the frames from rusting away.  It also gave the Moots creative types the ability to run wild with design on one-off paint schemes that graced the bikes of that time. Well, as...

  • Thu Jul 15 2021 | Sarah Steinwand

    Reviewed by Ashley Burns for

    Shop the High-E Hoodie | Read the Full Article

    "While the High-E is great for your favorite Caribbean and Costa Rican jungle trails, keeping your arms and face safe in the wetter areas or those less-beaten paths, it is especially beneficial in colder...

  • Thu Jul 15 2021 | Sarah Steinwand

    Reviewed by Ric Burnley for Kayak Angler

    Shop the River Run Hoodie

    "A loose-fitting hood and sleeves with thumb holes stretch the River Run's sun protection from head to hands. On the hottest, muggiest days, the River Run stays cool and dries fast. Best of all, it feels like a cotton T-shirt and...

  • Wed Jul 14 2021 | Steven Sashen

    Thanks to who named the Z-Trek one of the best hiking shoes for women The Xero Shoes Z-Trek is a super lightweight, minimalist sandal that’s great for hiking, walking, even running. If you want a natural, barefoot, feel it’s a great sandal. But it’s not just for women. There’s a men’s...

  • Tue Jul 13 2021 | John Taylor

    Looking for a pair of pants to climb in but not sure which ones to get? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a handy guide to help you decide, put together by the climbers on our team just for you.

    Featured Pants include Women's Lightweight Tech Pants, Men’s and Women’s Boulder Pants, Men’s and...

  • Mon Jul 12 2021 | Team RovR
  • Mon Jul 12 2021 | Forrest Gallagher


  • Fri Jul 09 2021 | Cally Macumber

    Newton Running, the American running shoe company that has made a name for itself with its innovative running shoe technologies promoting a natural, healthier running form, is the new running shoe partner of DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep. This partnership further reinforces TEAMCHALLENGE’s...

  • Fri Jul 09 2021 | John Taylor

    Matt and Kersten have been working with us since we could count the number of our employees on a single hand. They’re fun, funny, and, well...rad. There’s no other word for it. We were drawn to them for their talent and their approach to the outdoors, and lucky for us, the feeling was mutual. They...

  • Thu Jul 08 2021 | John Taylor

    There’s nothing like a new route to energize your run. So we asked Rosa Moriello (our warehouse Shipping Supervisor and a competitive runner + coach) what her favorite trail runs were, and she put together this incredible list to freshen up your running game.

  • Thu Jul 08 2021 | Folsom Custom Skis

    The post A Beginner Skier’s Guide to Custom Skis appeared first on Folsom Custom Skis.

  • Thu Jul 08 2021

    Hangovers. We've all experienced them. We regret them. And now that we're celebrating and having parties again in our post-Covid world, there is a possibility of overdoing it. Good news is there are some things we can do to avoid them. Obviously, we advocate drinking in a responsible manner. Should...

  • Wed Jul 07 2021 | John Taylor

    If you’re wondering who to thank for your packages arriving in a timely and accurate manner, allow us to introduce you to Rosa Moriello.

    I’m the Shipping Supervisor for the warehouse which basically means if there’s something that needs to leave our facility, I help make that happen. Typically, it...

  • Wed Jul 07 2021 | Tony Kelsey


  • Wed Jul 07 2021
  • Tue Jul 06 2021 | Tatiana Armstrong

    On the ski slopes, we’ve all seen those bros who think the waist-width of their skis is a status symbol for how hard they rip, and they wind up skidding down bulletproof groomers on skis built for heliskiing in AK. Well, there’s a similar phenomenon happening these days with suspension on mountain...

  • Tue Jul 06 2021 | Folsom Custom Skis

    The post Folsom to Introduce Aerospace-grade Graphene to Custom Skis appeared first on Folsom Custom Skis.