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Everything you love about being barefoot, plus the perfect amount of comfort and protection. As seen on Shark Tank. Live Life Feet First in Xero Shoes!


  • Mon Apr 12 2021 | Steven Sashen

    Xero Shoes recently conducted a survey asking website visitors’ how their participation in outdoor activities have changed during Covid. While the survey did not take location into account — clearly, results should be different for people who are quarantined or living where outdoor activities are...

  • Wed Dec 23 2020 | Steven Sashen

    I don’t need to tell you that 2020 has been unbelievably challenging and stressful. And while I’m a big fan of facing reality head-on, every now and then it’s nice to take a mental break and imagine things being better than they are. Sometimes MUCH, MUCH better. So, to give your brain some things to...

  • Tue Dec 15 2020 | Steven Sashen

    The new 30-by-30 documentary, “The Infinite Race” about the Tarahumara premieres on December 15th. Outside magazine reviewed the movie and here’s a review of the review… which is important to understand to, well, understand the movie. I’ll be reviewing the movie, too, but this “meta-analysis” might...

  • Wed Dec 02 2020 | Steven Sashen

    This post is NOT what you think. But then again, it kinda is. 😉 Check out this video and let me know if you’re a SMART runner.  In short, there are two aspects to wearing running shoes from “Big Shoe” (note how that = “B.S.”) which could not only affect your brain, but whether […]

  • Mon Nov 30 2020 | Isaac Miller

    Hello Xero Family! This holiday season we’ll be working hard to keep up with more shipments than ever! With the recent success of our Anniversary Sale combined with general Covid-19 related shipping delays, we’re expecting shipments to take a bit longer than usual.  We’re encouraging customers to...

  • Thu Nov 19 2020 | Steven Sashen

    The video below shows you how to make your own Tyvek® wallet envelope in just a few minutes. Or download these FREE PLANS for The ULTIMATE DIY Minimalist Tyvek Envelope Wallet  We can’t wait to see your creation. A minimalist wallet to match your minimalist Xero Shoes 😉

  • Sat Nov 07 2020 | Steven Sashen

    I have a small number of fantasies. One that I’ve had since 1993 is to be in Wired magazine. I’ve been a subscriber since issue #1 and, back in the 90s I was more actively involved in the tech world, which was Wired’s domain. But as technology became more ubiquitous, Wired expanded its reach into...

  • Wed Oct 21 2020 | Steven Sashen

    Physics. It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law. Want to improve your running technique? I have three suggestions: Watch robots run Watch little kids run Learn to run on ice! Running Robots The gang at Boston Dynamics are creating robots that do AMAZING things. For one, check out this one: Oh,...

  • Tue Oct 20 2020 | Steven Sashen

    I got a call a couple months ago: “Hey, is Darin Olien wearing Xero Shoes on the Netflix show ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron?” WHAT?! I rushed to log in to Netflix, found the show and, HEY! Look what I saw: I know it’s hard to tell, but I’m wired to spot Xero Shoes […]

  • Thu Sep 24 2020 | Steven Sashen

    Why do experts say that if you want to learn to run naturally, or barefoot, you should start on a smooth, hard surface? (Hear Harvard’s Dr. Irene Davis talk about this on the podcast she did with Dr. Peter Attia here) The answer: Because that’s how you get the most feedback about your form… and...