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Optic Nerve Eyewear designs high-end polarized and non-polarized sunglasses and goggles at a price that makes everybody smile. Performance eyewear with sustainable eco-friendly plastics and polarized sport and lifestyle designs with a no-hassle lifetime warranty and the best customer service, period.


  • Fri Nov 03 2023 | Ethan Cotton

    We're all about celebrating the spirit of giving with style and sustainability in mind. Optic Nerve Eyewear stands out for its commitment to planet-friendly materials and exceptional quality, backed by a product lifetime warranty. In this comprehensive guide, we've curated the perfect gifts for h...

  • Mon Dec 04 2023 | Ethan Cotton

    WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (December, 2023) - Optic Nerve recently hired on a new Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Kevin Karch, who brings years of industry experience and fresh leadership to enable the company’s mission: to improve the world around us by making it easier for people to experience and...

  • Wed Nov 01 2023 | Ethan Cotton

    Worn and loved by runners, Optic Nerve sunglasses are perfect for logging miles

    WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. – Optic Nerve sunglasses were founded in athletic performance, and this Colorado based company knows what it takes to produce sustainable sunglasses for both leisure and competitive sport. No matte...