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Barefoot inspired, lightweight women and men shoes with natural foot shaped sole & wide toe box for maximum comfort. Proudly made in Colorado. Try your pair risk free today!


  • Tue Feb 20 2024 | SOM Team

    The process is simple when it comes to choosing the correct foot-shaped shoes for your favorite activities. A foot-shaped shoe has three elements to look for that will suit your feet and allow you to do what you love. These elements are easy to remember because they are common sense. When somethi...

  • Tue Feb 20 2024 | SOM Team

    From a barefoot-style, zero-drop shoe manufacturer's perspective, the quick answer is that the shoe industry, an 85-billion-dollar market, makes shoes where the essential elements – feet – have been forgotten. The shoe industry and the feet it serves are not connected like they should be.

  • Tue Feb 20 2024 | SOM Team

    The quick answer is that the shoe industry, which is very busy making billions of conventional shoes, has stopped listening to the consumers' feet and needs. The shoe industry has become too big to reverse its industrial production machine worldwide quickly. Changing a production line requires in...

  • Tue Feb 20 2024 | SOM Team

    There are a lot of benefits to natural, foot-shaped shoes because they let the feet function the way nature intended. Some of the most important benefits are: not feeling pain when walking; not losing toenails and, even better; not deforming our feet long-term.

  • Wed Feb 14 2024 | SOM Team

    Are wide shoes always the answer, or are wide-toe-box shoes the better solution to happier, stronger feet? Instead of conventional footwear shaping your feet, shouldn't your feet be the ones in control? Finding great fitting shoes starts with the toes and understanding how a great foot-shaped sho...

  • Thu Apr 25 2024 | SOM Team

    April went as fast as the eclipse. Trees are blooming, and the summer will be upon us in no time.  In this edition:

    The canvas models have been very popular; many of you are waiting for your pair. According to the latest update from our sole supplier, the order is on schedule and we should be ...

  • Sun Dec 10 2023 | SOM Team
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    May each of you wake up on the right side of the dirt and have a chance to enjoy fun times in your SOMs. In the spirit of the holidays, we review the upgrades on our most recent models, explain why we resole only once, get ready to welcome the new year with las...

  • Fri Feb 16 2024 | SOM Team

    This month, we are opening up to the simple basics of being active and healthy. The SOM Community is inspiring people to go out and play. When more people aspire to be healthier, the world changes for the better and it starts with happier feet. Also included:

  • Thu Jan 18 2024 | SOM Team

    In this edition, we are introducing a new mid-top model which is the lightest of our shoe line and the most comfortable to date. We talk about the changes to our SOM VIP program and share The State of Shoe Manufacturing article from our friends at Not to forget our monthly winne...

  • Wed Mar 27 2024 | SOM Team

    Do you like short and sweet news like we do? The kind that makes you smile and doesn't keep you drawn into what seems like an endless reading. This month is exactly that! Read on!

    This newsletter is the most exciting news we've had in a decade (and that's saying something, considering SOM shoes ...