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Colorado Teardrops crafts quality teardrop camper trailers for you and your family to camp in style. Our trailers are tailor-made and built to last generations.


  • Thu May 19 2022 | Amy Carter

    We all know that Colorado Teardrop trailers are cool. But did you know a teardrop trailer can also help keep you cooler and more relaxed when camping in the warmer months? It's true! And we also know that camping isn’t just about looking cool. It's about staying cool and comfortable. We’ve got some...

  • Wed May 04 2022 | Amy Carter

    Any teardrop trailer will need basic maintenance to keep working all season correctly. We've got a few ideas for you so that you won't miss a single camping trip!

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  • Wed Apr 20 2022 | Amy Carter

    We take teardrop trailer camping pretty seriously around here. And we’re happy to recommend some camping gear to make your next trip even better.

    The post Our Camping Must Haves for Teardrop Trailer Camping appeared first on Colorado Teardrops.

  • Mon Mar 28 2022 | Amy Carter

    Yes, it is worth the wait for your Colorado Teardrop trailer, but how do you pass the time from order to delivery of your teardrop camper? We have some ideas to help you get ready so that you can make camping in your teardrop trailer even better!

    The post What to Do While You’re Waiting for Your...

  • Thu Mar 10 2022 | Amy Carter

    Now is the time to unearth your teardrop camper from winter storage and get ready for longer, warmer days and the wide-open highway. There's lots to do, so don't delay. Here's how to get your teardrop overland camper ready, and your mind stoked for the 2022 camping season.

  • Wed Feb 23 2022 | Amy Carter

    If you're planning a family vacation this year, read on before making another reservation. Camping should be just as fun and rewarding – if not more so – than just about any destination or theme park. And, if you're traveling with a Colorado Teardrops camper trailer, you'll have access to even more...

  • Wed Feb 09 2022 | Amy Carter

    It's gas vs. electric in a towing battle royale! TFL tested the Rivian R1T against a Toyota Tundra (with Colorado Teardrop in tow) to see which vehicle can tow for longer.

    The post The Electric vs ICE Battle (with Colorado Teardrop) Continues appeared first on Colorado Teardrops.

  • Thu Feb 03 2022 | Amy Carter

    Unless you are an avid outdoors person who frequently gets out in winter, camping is often not at the top of the list of things to do in February. But with Valentine’s day approaching, many a sweetheart is looking for ways to make the holiday one to remember. Read on for some super romantic ideas...

  • Tue Jan 18 2022 | Amy Carter

    We know you love reading out blogs and updates, but if you’re looking for even more, we’ve got some ideas. To launch 2022, we're spotlighting five great blogs that bring fresh air to the outdoor experience! For everything from great recipes to unique perspectives on camping culture, if you love...

  • Tue Jan 04 2022 | Amy Carter

    With 2021 in the rearview mirror, lots of us are making new year’s resolutions and thinking about ways to make life groovier than it was for the past few years. Campers take heart - we’re here to help you make your camping escape plans and ensure we're not wearing dumpster fire t-shirts for this...

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