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Committed to building a community based on quality products, specialty retailers, and passionate people living their habitats to the fullest. Check out their men’s & women’s snowboard gloves, board shorts, technical streetwear & accessories.


  • Fri Jul 02 2021 | CG Habitats
  • Fri Apr 09 2021 | CG Habitats

    Here is one of our favorite posts on the Community's forum.

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  • Wed Feb 17 2021 | CG Habitats

    Our shred DNA is deeply imbedded in BLOOD LINE's purposeful Fabric Engineering and function-oriented Garment Construction - for joyable weather dealing in all habitats.

    Check out all the BLOOD LINE items HERE.

  • Fri Oct 16 2020 | CG Habitats

    Ever wanted a quality pair of snow pants that doesn't break the bank!?! Introducing the Tech Joggers. 10K Waterproofing teams up with with an ultra soft micro fleece lining to bring you the ultimate winter snow pant.

    From out door winter tasks to a day of snowboarding the Tech Joggers will keep you...

  • Fri Oct 09 2020 | CG Habitats

    Introducing the DWR Enhanced Fleece Insulator Hoodie and Crewneck. An Insulating layer for all your cold weather needs. Either a day on the mountain or a day behind a welder in a cold garage the EF can handle it. Rugged, heavy duty, and durable.

    Not your average hoodie. This is the heaviest grade...

  • Mon Aug 31 2020 | CG Habitats

    Every year we get excited to see the outlook for the winter. Usually these predictions are very on point and amazes us year after year with its accuracy. Overall it looks like it will be a decent winter. Specially for New England which had a very warm and terrible season last year. The rockies...

  • Mon Jul 27 2020 | CG Habitats

    The newest addition to the CG Blood Line is the Heritage Tech T-Shirt.

    Nylon, UV Protectant, Moisture Wicking and Quick Dry.  These T-Shirts look like a standard T, but have all the Tech benefits. This garment is 3D Knitted (Welcome to the future!) on a state of the art precision machinery, with...

  • Mon Jun 29 2020 | CG Habitats

    Not your ordinary beanie... The Summer Rollie Beanie is made with cooling yarn and is a single layer construction compared to a normal beanie thats double layered.

    From an everyday beanie through out the summer to cooler morning and nights. Check out all the details HERE.

  • Fri Jun 19 2020 | CG Habitats

    The AJ's are great for activities in and out of the water and the length adjustable pull strings help keep your joggers dry when your in shin to knee deep in water.

    Drop into something different with the 309 Amphibious Joggers. Check out all the Features HERE.

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