Speed Force by Xero Shoes

Dusty Candland | Wed Oct 09 2019
Speed Force by Xero Shoes featured image.

Xero Shoes released a new shoe! Looks like an awesome running shoe but the reviewers say it's good for all kinds of activities. I've been using Merrell Barefoot shoes for running but will check these out when my Merrells wear out!

They're having a sale to help promote the launch! You can save 20% though Oct 21st and find out all about the new shoes here.

Steven Sashen had this to say about the new shoes and where the company is headed.

In addition to the Speed Force, all the products we've launched this Fall (see them all here) are ushering in a whole new look and feel for Xero Shoes, not to mention exciting new performance options.

The response we're getting to these products is FAR exceeding our expectations and we know you'll love what we have planned for 2020 and beyond.

As always, Lena and I are so grateful for your support and for helping us share the fun and benefits of natural movement.

I have a pair of Xero Shoes and they've been great. They are super comfortable.

If you're looking for barefoot shoes you can't go wrong with Xero.